Current integration (April 1, 2009)
Human 1,303 array samples in   70 datasets using Affymetrix U133 Plus 2 (NCBI GPL ID: GPL570)
Human 5,018 array samples in 236 datasets using Affymetrix U133A (NCBI GPL ID: GPL96)

- Search GEO gene probes by gene ID, description or GO annotations
- find the probe annotation

- To start "Expression Profiling", search the index and identify the probesets of your interest.
- You can also find the detailed description of a gene probe


           Analysis of global trends in the gene expression

Platform (GPL ID): Probe ID :
 Enter probeset ID (ex. 212740_at) for the gene
- To start "DEG Analysis", find NCBI GEO IDs for the dataset and samples of your interest.
- You can also find the detailed description of the experiment for the selected dataset

(DEG: Differential Expression of Gene)

Gene-specific interpretation of DEG between experiments


Dataset :  (GDS number)

Target samples (GSM numbers)

Control samles (GSM numbers)

Sepreate GSM numbers by line change 



(Please cite the following papers when publishing your work using GS-LAGE)
1. Global analysis of microarray data reveals intrinsic properties in gene expression and tissue selectivity,      Kim et al., Bioinformatics (2010) 26(14):1723-30

2. Large scale data mining approach for gene-specific standardization of microarray gene expression     data, Sukjoon Yoon, Young Yang, Jiwon Choi and Jiwon Sung, Bioinformatics (2006) 22: 2898-2904

    Late update: 4/21/2009
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